Subscription Terms and Conditions

These Subscription Terms and Conditions (these “Terms” or these “Subscription Terms and Conditions”) contained herein together with the “Standard Terms and Conditions”, “Terms And Conditions For Online Payments” and “Privacy Statement”, shall govern the Subscription to the various Courses available on this website/mobile application (collectively referred to herein below as this “Platform”). These Terms apply in full force and effect to the subscription of the courses available on the Platform and use of this Platform and by using this Platform and subscription to one or more courses available on the Platform, all terms and conditions contained herein are expressly accepted in full. This Platform should not be used or courses available on the Platform should not be subscribed, if there is any objection to any of the Subscription Terms and Conditions as well as the Standard Terms and Conditions”, “Terms and Conditions for Online Payments” and “Privacy Statement”.

Roy’s Institute of Competitive Examination Private Limited (RICE) provides various courses both in the offline as well as online mode. The users of the Platform subscribing for offline courses have to visit the designated centers for availing the courses, subject to the payment of prescribed fees. The users of the Platform subscribing for online courses shall be given access only to the section/pages of the Platform dealing with the course which has been subscribed after payment of fees applicable to the said course. The fees and courses, details of which are provided in the platform, including the nomenclature and/or content of the courses, may be changed by RICE without any notice and to which the User of the Platform shall not object.

The terms and conditions governing the subscription / enrolment are as hereunder:

  1. Users will only be allowed access to the sections of the Platform which deals with the Course which has been subscribed.
  2. Access shall be limited only for the period as mentioned at the time of enrolment in the Platform against the course which has been subscribed. In the event RICE increases the duration of the course subsequent to the enrolment by a User the said User shall not be entitled to access for increased duration.
  3. The subscription by a user is not transferrable and the same is solely for the benefit of the user who has subscribed. The subscription is not permitted to be transferred to or shared with any other person, with or without consideration. RICE, without prejudice to any other rights and remedies available to it, including right to initiate legal proceedings, may terminate the subscription and restrict access to the Course to a User, if any action contrary to this condition is performed.
  4. The User may be given access to live and/or recorded video sessions, if the same is included in the course to which the User has enrolled through the Platform during the course duration. The User shall ensure to use compatible devices to attend/view such live video and/or recorded video sessions. RICE shall not be held responsible in case the User is not able to view such videos due to the use of incompatible device(s).
  5. The resolution and quality of the content depends on various factors, including bandwidth of connection, type of device used for accessing the content etc. While RICE strives to provide high-quality viewing experience but makes no guarantee as to the resolution and/or quality of the content the User will see when streaming.
  6. The User shall be provided access to only those course materials, which includes audios, videos, handouts, etc., which is related to the course to which the User has subscribed. RICE may at its discretion revise the course materials and the User shall not object to the same.
  7. RICE may, at its discretion, permit viewing of content pertaining to the Course to which a User has enrolled, only during the course duration and all access to such content may be removed by RICE upon expiry of the Course duration or termination of Subscription, as the case maybe.
  8. RICE may, at its discretion, give access to certain additional Services and features. The said additional Services and features cannot be claimed as a matter of right and may be provided by RICE to selective users only.
  9. RICE shall not be liable to the User for non-access of the Platform caused or arising, directly or indirectly, including without limitation, as a result of loss of data, hacking or unauthorized access of the Platform, Software Application of the Platform, non-availability of connectivity, etc.
  10. RICE reserves the right to restrict access to a User who defaults in payment of any fees.

In case of disruption of services or inability to access the Platform or any of the section of the Platform to which the User has been granted access, the User are required to call 033-66203595 or write to and RICE shall endeavour to resolve the issue at the earliest possible time.